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Frequent travelers in big metropolises waste money on hotels and rentals every time they visit. Committing to ownership of an entire second home is not affordable for the majority, given property prices. But even for those who can afford it, it is too big of a commitment for a property with high maintenance costs that stays empty for the biggest part of the year. That’s why we bring fractional ownership of city second homes to the rescue.

European capitals like London and Paris host passionate regular travelers who keep coming back, for work or pleasure. We want to offer them a hassle-free experience during their stays, along with a smart investment proposition in prime real estate in their favorite city. Our innovative approach to co-ownership is the answer, powered by technology and backed by a robust legal structure (LTD). That’s why we created Flyway! We remove the hassle of second home ownership and offer our owners the best of both worlds: a smart investment for their capital, and a home to love for their city stays.

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Sanja Ilic


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Nikos Drandakis


Serial founder with an exit to Daimler. Founded Taxibeat (later Beat), a ride hailing company with operations in 5 countries in Latin America, $700m annual GMV, $200m annual net revenue, 850 employees. Company acquired by Daimler in 2017, left the company in 2020.

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